For Sale – Tampines HDB Flats (9 Mar 2015)


DWG GTA United @ Tampines presents the best value HDB flats in Tampines & Simei right now. Check them out.

HDB 3Room Flats

201D Tampines St21, 3R, Ask $398k, 82sqm, renovated, corner unit;
819 Tampines St81, 3NG, Ask $350k, 64sqm, lift level, renovated, N/S facing, unblocked;
208 Tampines St21, 3A, Ask $340k, 74sqm, original, marble flooring, recess area;
253 Tampines St21, 3A, Ask $370k, 74sqm, lift floor, original, well-kept, unblocked;
465 Tampines St44, 3A, Ask $370k, 74sqm, simple, reno, near amenities;
851 Tampines St83, 3A,Ask $345k, 74sqm, simple, well-kept;
852 Tampines St83, 3A, Ask $333k, 74sqm, original;
139 Simei St1, 3S, Ask $358k, 64sqm, simple, move-in;

HDB 4Room Flats

155 Simei Rd, 4A, Ask $485k, 102sqm, Renovated, unblocked, NS facing;
235 Tampines St21, 4A, VTO, corner with recess area simple;
395 Tampines Ave7, 4A, Ask $450k, 109sqm; lift flr, future MRT at doorstep, can contra;
444 Tampines St42, 4A, VTO, 108sqm, corner with recess area, NS facing, unblk;
496E Tampines St45, 4A, Ask $420k, 106sqm, renovated;
713 Tampines St71, 4A, Ask $440k, 100sqm, NTC, original unblk, breezy;
715 Tampines St71, 4A, Ask $450k, 100sqm, renovated;
725 Tampines St71, 4A, Ask $445k, 104sqm, corridor, simple, selling only;
727 Tampines St71, 4A, Ask $460k, 104sqm, corridor, unblocked, simple, move-in;
818 Tampines St81, 4A, Ask $460k, 104sqm, corner, L-shaped hall;
877 Tampines St82, 4A, Ask $460k, 105sqm, renovated, NS facing, elevated corridor;
443 Tampines St43, 4S, Ask $410k, 84sqm, next to corner, renovated;

HDB 5Room Flats

146 Simei St2, 5I, Ask $600k, 122sqm, corner;
707 Tampines St71, 5I, Ask $600k, 120sqm, corner, renovated, unblk;
216 Tampines St23, 5I, VTO, simple reno;
257 Tampines St21, 5I, VTO, 121sqm, dr to dr, LUP & HIP done, unblk, 1month ext;
304 Tampines St32, 5I, Ask $565k, simple, unblk, inter corner;
316 Tampines St32, 5A, Ask $520k, 132sqm, 4 bedrooms, simple, corner;
450A Tampines St42, 5A, Ask $580k, 132sqm, 4 bedroom corner, NS facing;
486A Tampines St45, 5I, Ask $470k, 127sqm, 4 bedrooms, simple;
484A Tampines St45, 5I, Ask $500k, 125sqm, simple;
491D Tampines Ave9, 5I, VTO, 123sqm, corner, simple, move in; 4bedrooms;
492D Tampines St45, 5I, Ask $550k, 124sqm, 4bedrooms, corner, partial, unblk;
498J Tampines St45, 5I, Ask 550k, 126sqm, corner, 4bedrooms, renovated;

HDB Executive Flats

148 Tampines Ave5, EM, Ask $790k, 150sqm, 4bedrooms, renovated;
895 Tampines St81, EM, Ask $700k, well kept;
737 Tampines St72, EA, Ask $620k, simple, unblk, pt blk;

For viewing, please contact:
Paul de Leon
Mobile: +65 8180 4136
Dennis Wee Realty Pte Ltd
CEA Reg. No.: R019100D


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