Why Do You Need Us As Your Real Estate Agent?

flyer-150831-pasir ris-final

In today’s market, most home sellers and buyers often rely on doing it themselves(what we term as DIY buyers and sellers). The main reason is to save up on paying for the broker’s fee. But are they really saving money by being ‘DIYs’?

House Hunt Network has listed 3 ways real estate agents are better than FSBO (For Sale By Owners). Home owners who sell their own houses usually are at a disadvantage — on pricing, the time and effort in putting up their house in the market, and not to account the stress that they experience when dealing and negotiating with buyers/other real estate agents.

If you engage a real estate agent, the service that you get and spend on will give you the edge during the whole process.

But wait! There’s a catch here. You should not just get a real estate agent. You should engage an EXPERIENCED real estate agent who will bring their techniques and savvy to deliver the best results for you and your family.

That’s where we come in.

Take for example our recent transaction in Pasir Ris.


For a low floor unit, our transaction did better than those of higher floor units. Why? Because of our expertise.

To know more about our services, CALL 8180 4135 / 8180 4136.



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