What Do the New CPF Changes for 2016 Mean in Dollars and Cents?


By Peter Lin, moneysmart.sg

Like many of you, I like the new Star Wars movie. After waiting for a decade since the last live-action Star Wars film, I’m just glad I’ve nothing to be disappointed about despite all the changes. For a film with a $200 million budget, it’s broken records for surpassing $1 billion in just 12 days.

That means the head honchos at Disney definitely aren’t disappointed either. I don’t know if I can say the same about my CPF balance though. For one thing, I’ll have to wait at least THREE decades before I can see my money again. For another, it’s going to take much, much more than 12 days to make my money grow by 5 times. But most of all, I don’t know if I’ll be disappointed by any new changes to the CPF by the year 2045. But I guess you could say, I have a bad feeling about this.


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Property Update (30 December 2015)


HDB resale market on track for a soft landing: Lawrence Wong | channelnewsasia.com

SINGAPORE: The local property market is on track for a “soft landing”, said National Development Minister Lawrence Wong.

The housing chief noted that resale flat prices have softened gradually to 2011 levels, with more than half of resale flats transacting close to their market value. “This is a good outcome for both buyers and sellers,” said Mr Wong in a blogpost on Wednesday (Dec 30).

This he attributed to Government efforts to promote home ownership, including ramping up the construction of Housing and Development Board flats and policies targeted at certain demographics. Read more >>


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Good time to tweak property cooling measures: Observers

It has been two years since the Government implemented measures to cool the property market. While the Government says the measures won’t be removed anytime soon, property market watchers say a slow economic growth climate may be a good time to at least tweak these measures.

SINGAPORE: The property market could finally be showing signs of stabilising, two years after the Government introduced a slate of measures, including the Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty and the Total Debt Servicing Ratio.

HDB resale prices have fallen about 10 per cent from their highs in 2013, while private resale prices have come off by about 8 per cent.


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How school proximity affects house prices in Singapore


By Agarwal Sumit and Sing Tien Foo, straitstimes.com

SINGAPORE : Singapore parents will go to great lengths to get their children into popular schools. Primary 1 registration begins in the second half of each year.

The Ministry of Education’s allocation system consists of seven phases. The first three phases – 1, 2A(1) and 2A(2) – assign priority to students affiliated with schools, which include children with siblings currently studying in the schools, whose parents and siblings are alumni of the schools, whose parents are members of advisory and management boards of the schools, or whose parents are teaching staff in the schools.

Prioritisation based on the distance between a child’s home and the primary school is used in the next two phases known as 2B and 2C.


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Private home sales in Singapore up 79% year-on-year in November

Developers sold 759 units last month, up from 423 units in November 2014, according to data released by the Urban Redevelopment Authority.

SINGAPORE: Sales of private homes by developers in Singapore rose 79 per cent in November compared with a year earlier, Government data showed on Tuesday (Dec 15).

The Urban Redevelopment Authority said developers sold 759 units last month, up from 423 units in November 2014. Sales rose 38.5 per cent from the 548 units sold in October 2015.


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The Fullerton Hotel gazetted as 71st national monument

SINGAPORE : The Fullerton Hotel was gazetted as Singapore’s 71st National Monument by the National Heritage Board (NHB) on Monday (Dec 7).

Constructed in 1928, the hotel was once home to the nation’s General Post Office as well as government bodies, including The Exchange and Economic Development Board.

The National Heritage Board said: “When a building is gazetted under the Preservation of Monuments Act, it is preserved with the highest form of recognition for its national significance. The evaluation of potential gazettes is based on a building or site’s historical, architectural and social importance in Singapore’s built heritage landscape.”


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New York, London Or Hong Kong: Where Is The Hottest Real Estate Investment Right Now?


By Omri Barzilay, forbes.com

For those who are considering the real estate investment possibilities around the world, New York City has developed the reputation for being a safe haven particularly for foreign investors. Whether that particular reputation reflects the reality of the market may be debatable, but the bottom line is that many investors have been drawn to New York City for three primary reasons: relative liquidity, Easy accessibility, stable prices.

However, there are other cities around the world that are also developing reputations for being safe havens for real estate investment such as London and Hong Kong, and Singapore. Since the housing crisis of 2008, New York City has recovered quite well and remains one of the few large gateway cities that bring in real estate investments from around the world.


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