DWG 4th Quarter Top Producers Awards 2015

Dear Neighbours

Do check us out in today’s (30 January 2016) The Straits Times as DWG’s 2015 4th Quarter Top Producers!

This wouldn’t be possible without your unwavering trust and support.

My team and I are more than grateful and will always ensure to give you the most professional service that you deserve.

Thank you so much!

Noena de Leon
DWG’s 2015 4th Quarter Top Producers Awardee
HP# +65 8180 4135
Email: noenadeleon@dwg.com.sg
CEA Lic# R018523C

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10 Essential Home Loan Terms You Should Know


When it comes to home loan contracts in Singapore, it’s hard to escape the number of terms that get thrown in our face that look like complete gibberish. These are usually accompanied by lengthy pages of terms and conditions that most of us can’t be bothered to read through.

While you may not need to understand every word stated in the documents, we at GET.com recommend that you at least get a grasp of the list of 10 basic home loan terms below so that your home loan broker/banker knows you’ve done your research and will think twice about glossing over the details.

Since buying a home is probably one of your biggest life expenses, it pays to know what you’re dealing with when you apply for a home loan. Understanding these terms will give you a clearer picture of the actual cost of the home loan and help you find out which type of home loan will be best for your own situation. Here are 10 basic home loan terms that you need to know:


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Five beacons of hope for S’pore property in 2016


SINGAPORE : Singapore’s property market was a victim of its own success as prices continued to fall in 2015, with the cooling measures imposed by the Government still weighing on the industry. With the start of 2016, property portal 99.co looks at some potential beacons of hope for housing, including: Investors looking for alternatives amid stock volatility; manageable rate hikes; Downtown Line 2 completion; and improved affordability after price declines over more than two years.


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Sales of Singapore properties to foreigners fall to 7-year low


SINGAPORE : Foreigners including the Chinese have cut their purchases of Singapore private homes to the lowest since the global financial crisis, leaving the market to depend on local buyers at a time when domestic interest rates are on the rise.

Foreigners, including permanent residents, bought 499 homes in the fourth quarter of 2015, according to data compiled by consultancy DTZ. That accounted for about 16 per cent of total transactions versus more than 30 per cent in the third quarter of 2011 just before an additional stamp duty was imposed to cool the market.


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BTO vs Resale Flat: How Much Should You Be Budgeting For Renovation?


2015 wasn’t exactly a stellar year for property in Singapore. With both home sales and prices dropping steadily, buyers are now standing ready to pounce on any good deals that come their way. However, if there’s one thing you can be sure is not going to drop, it’s the cost of renovation. And when it comes to budgeting for it, not taking into account the right factors can be costly. Our friends at Qanvast share some insights here on the differences between renovating a resale and BTO flat:

There is a common misconception that renovating a resale and a BTO costs almost the same. However, we beg to differ. Here’s why and what goes behind renovating a resale and a BTO apartment.


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287 Bishan Street 24. “Castle Home”

Married for 8 years with 2 children, Echo and RL, have finally decided to get a house of their own in Singapore. So when they found one in Bishan, it’s not surprising that the couple are overwhelmed with happiness. Find out how they braved their challenges and their binding love drew them closer to finally having a place to call their home.

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What Do Singaporean Home Buyers Need to Know in 2016?


By Peter Lin, moneysmart.sg

Last year may have been the year of #SG50 but this year is definitely starting to be the year of #SGRugi. Assuming you don’t speak Bahasa Melayu, “rugi” means to lose out. If you’re calling it “lugi”, that means you’re either a Tagalog speaker, or a hardcore Ah Beng.

Why is it the year of losing out? Because if you just bought a car before the COE dropped by $9,000 last week, you definitely rugi. We’ll be talking more about the COE drop soon, so follow us on Facebook. Today, though, we’re going to talk about housing prices in Singapore, and how now is almost definitely the right time to buy a new home.


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