5 Must-Have Upgrades To Increase The Value Of Your Flat

Are you spending your renovation in the right areas? (via dollarsandsense.sg)

Moving in to a new home can be both exciting and troubling at the same time, especially when there are multiple factors to decide on before you spend your hard earned money into the home renovation.

Before you hit the panic button, watch this video to find out more about the 5 key areas of your house that you can renovate to make your place comfortable to live in, and at the same time to retain its value or even increase the value of your home by more than what you spent on it.

1. Front Door

via houzz.com.sg

Helps to create a good first impression for potential buyers.
Estimated cost: SG$ 1,000 to SG$ 2,000

2. New Paint

A new coat of paint provides a face lift for the flat. Go for the light colours to create a more comfortable setting worthy of its value.
Estimated cost: SG$ 2,000

3. Kitchen

Functional kitchen looks bigger and are more appealing to young buyers. Include built-in cabinets and induction cookers to provide more space. Potential buyers look for safe and spacious environment.
Estimated cost: SG$ 5,000 to SG$ 10,000

4. Bathroom

via houzz.com.sg

Go for classic and clean look. Big mirrors and marble-inspired tiles appeal to a larger group of buyers.
Estimated cost: SG$ 4,000 to $SG 5,000

5. Floors

via houzz.com.sg

Boost the overall ambience by changing the flooring. Texture and the colour of the flooring make a huge difference.
Estimated cost: SG$ 5,000


Source: http://dollarsandsense.sg/5-must-upgrades-increase-value-flat/


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