12 Things Potential Buyers Don’t Want to See in Your Bathroom

By Kate Burt, via houzz.com.sg

While a complete renovation may not be cost-effective (and, besides, people often like to put their own stamp on a place), there are a number of things you can address to give potential buyers a good feeling about your washspace.

Read on to see if there are any changes you can make to your bathroom to get the offers flowing in. Or hit the ‘Save’ button above to bookmark this handy guide for future reference.

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Low-Cost Home Renovation Is What You Need

So you’d like to start anew with a very nice home. The problem is, home renovation can burn a large hole in your pocket. But there are ways where you can slash down the cost while still getting your dream home. Here are some home makeover hacks which you can work within your budget.

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How to Tell If You’re Financially Compatible With Your Partner

Whether you’re casually dating, moving in together, or married, you and your partner have to be sure you’re not just compatible in terms of personality but also financially. Is your partner a saver or a spender? How seriously do they take debt? Do they have a monthly budget? Here’s how to tell if you’re financially compatible with your partner.

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3 Ways Your Tenants Might Abuse Your Property When You Rent it Out

By Joanne Poh, via moneysmart.sg

You’ve spent the better part of your life paying for this property, which is as much an asset as a home to you. So of course, you’re determined to make as money as possible by renting it out.

But whether you’ll be renting out one room while continuing to live in the unit or leasing out the unit in its entirety, the last thing you want is to survey the place when your tenants have moved out, only to discover that the repairs you’ll need to pay for will take a huge chunk out of the rent you’ve received.

Whether you wish to maintain a friendly relationship with your tenant or let your agent handle everything, here are some things to beware of when renting out your property.

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4 Promises By Overseas Property Developers That Should Make You Wary

By Sim Kang Heong, via dollarsandsense.sg

It seems like every other week that one sees advertisements for overseas property investments “opportunities”. Once in a while, we see news reports of yet another overseas project flopping.

While legitimate overseas investment opportunities exist, shady or extremely risky ones are also out there, and the savvy investor would think long and hard before sending their hard-earned money abroad.

Here are 4 common “promises” that make appearances in marketing collateral and uttered during talks, that you should think twice about.

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Here’s How Much More You Would Have If You Invested Instead Of Gambled in 4D In The Last 10 Years

By Dinesh Dayani, via dollarsandsense.sg

SINGAPORE — During a recent reservist In-Camp Training, I had meaningful conversations with my buddies. Over the years, 10 years in total, our conversations evolved from talking about furthering our studies and girlfriends to discussing our education and finding a job, and eventually to investing and starting a family.

One of my conversations with a close buddy was about investments. This was quite prevalent during this reservist because I’m writing for DollarsAndSense. What struck me when I spoke to him was that my friend believed that buying a 4D ticket from Singapore Pools was akin to making an investment.

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