4 Promises By Overseas Property Developers That Should Make You Wary

By Sim Kang Heong, via dollarsandsense.sg

It seems like every other week that one sees advertisements for overseas property investments “opportunities”. Once in a while, we see news reports of yet another overseas project flopping.

While legitimate overseas investment opportunities exist, shady or extremely risky ones are also out there, and the savvy investor would think long and hard before sending their hard-earned money abroad.

Here are 4 common “promises” that make appearances in marketing collateral and uttered during talks, that you should think twice about.

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5 Must-Have Upgrades To Increase The Value Of Your Flat

Are you spending your renovation in the right areas? (via dollarsandsense.sg)

Moving in to a new home can be both exciting and troubling at the same time, especially when there are multiple factors to decide on before you spend your hard earned money into the home renovation.

Before you hit the panic button, watch this video to find out more about the 5 key areas of your house that you can renovate to make your place comfortable to live in, and at the same time to retain its value or even increase the value of your home by more than what you spent on it.

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Renting A Home In Singapore – Here’s What Tenants Should And Should Not Expect To Pay For

Best to understand what you should pay for rather than lose out. (via dollarsandsense.sg)

By Ching Sue Mae via dollarsandsense.sg

SINGAPORE — Renting housing units in Singapore is common, especially with Singapore being one of the most attractive countries for expats to live and work in. Very often, these rental units are leased by expats who are often unsure of how long they will be staying in the country or permanent residents.

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May 2017 BTO Review – An Early Peek Into The Different Locations And Flats Offered

SINGAPORE — Another three months have passed in 2017 and that means another Build-To-Order (BTO) launch is just around the corner. Scheduled for launch in May 2017, Singapore families looking to own or upgrade to a new HDB flat will have a choice of 4 different locations to choose from.

Here’s an early peek into the different locations and flat types you can expect for the upcoming launch.

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What Happens To Your Money After You Sell Your Flat In Singapore

Know exactly where your money will be going. (via dollarsandsense.sg)

By Dinesh Dayani (via dollarsandsense.sg)

Everyone in Singapore should fully understand what really happens to our money once we have sold our HDB flat, private condominium or landed property in Singapore. This is so we can prudently use the money we have for financial planning purposes – investing, buying another property, even starting a business or promising to pay for your children’s education.

Often, people receive less in cash than they had expected for various reasons. If they commit to using the bulk of that money for other purchases or investments, they may be in for a rude shock after seeing the cash balance in their bank accounts.

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Overpaying For An Older Resale Flat With A Shorter Lease? Here Are Some Things You Need To Take Note Of

Some Singaporeans don’t care if they are overpaying for an older HDB flat. Here’s why we think you should care about that. (via dollarsandsense.sg)

SINGAPORE — National Development Minister Lawrence Wong ignited a discussion last week when he mentioned that Singaporeans should not assume that all older flats would automatically be eligible for Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS).

His comment was in response to a Lianhe Zaobao article that highlighted how some older HDB resale flats are still being sold at high prices.

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What happens to your HDB flat after a divorce?

Can you still retain your HDB flat after a divorce? (via dollarsandsense.sg)

Can you still retain your HDB flat after a divorce? (via dollarsandsense.sg)

By Yeap Ming Feng, via dollarsandsense.sg

SINGAPORE — A divorce is not something that anyone would hope for. There are times however when a relationship simply took a turn for the worse, and that no amount of work can salvage anymore.

While divorce elsewhere around the world is straightforward, it can be quite a complicating process in Singapore, particularly if there is a HDB flat involved. The HDB flat, being one of the most valuable assets co-owned by the couple, adds an additional dimension of complication to the entire process.


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