When to Refinance Your Home Loan in Singapore

By Joanne Poh (via moneysmart.sg)

Singapore — Your home loan is probably the single biggest financial commitment you’ll ever take on, and one you could spend the next few decades paying for. Given the magnitude, you obviously want to ensure you lighten the load as much as possible. That’s why it’s so important to be aware of when it’s time to refinance your home loan.

It can save you thousands of dollars over the years, raise your capital gains on resale and basically make your expensive home purchase a bit less expensive.

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You might get into trouble for doing these 5 things in your HDB flat

By Joanne Poh (via moneysmart.sg)

Singapore — 80 per cent of Singaporeans live in HDB flats, and many of us grew up playing with the stray cats in the void deck and trying to imagine the lives of the people in the blocks opposite.

HDB living is part and parcel of life in Singapore and, for most young couples these days, the only remotely affordable way to become a home owner. But it does come with a bunch of trade-offs. Here are five things that aren’t allowed in HDB flats.

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5 Reasons Renting a Home Instead of Buying Might Not be Such a Terrible Idea

By Joanne Poh, via moneysmart.sg

Owning a home is one of the most important items on Singaporeans’ checklist of life goals. And based on how horribly expensive it is to rent here, it’s easy to see why.

Renting a home or even just a room, even if it’s the only way for a 40-year-old virgin to get out from under his parent’s thumb, is usually frowned upon as a waste of money that could otherwise go towards saving for a downpayment.

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Should You Buy or Rent Your Next Home in Singapore?


By Joanne Poh (via moneysmart.sg)

There is a reason the overwhelming majority of Singaporeans continue to live with their parents until they’re married—the right to walk around naked at home isn’t worth dying of starvation for.

While married couples and over-35s can take advantage of government grants to buy HDB flats, the rental market is another story. The cost of renting the cheapest possible one bedroom condo unit in Singapore in an area as far flung as Bukit Panjang can cost around $1,500 a month, and when you get closer to the city fringe you can end up paying 50% to 100% more.


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Give unrealistic sellers the ‘shock treatment’

How to move an overpriced listing

How to move an overpriced listing (via inman.com)

By Bernice Ross (via inman.com)

There’s an old saying that it’s best to be the first born, second spouse and the third listing agent. So whose fault is it when a property doesn’t sell?

There are thousands of reasons that cause listings to expire. An agent may do everything possible and the property still doesn’t sell due to lack of activity in that price range or location. Other times, the listing agent didn’t market the property adequately, or conditions under the seller’s control prevented the sale. In almost every case, however, the reason most properties do not sell is the price.


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What happens to your HDB flat after a divorce?

Can you still retain your HDB flat after a divorce? (via dollarsandsense.sg)

Can you still retain your HDB flat after a divorce? (via dollarsandsense.sg)

By Yeap Ming Feng, via dollarsandsense.sg

SINGAPORE — A divorce is not something that anyone would hope for. There are times however when a relationship simply took a turn for the worse, and that no amount of work can salvage anymore.

While divorce elsewhere around the world is straightforward, it can be quite a complicating process in Singapore, particularly if there is a HDB flat involved. The HDB flat, being one of the most valuable assets co-owned by the couple, adds an additional dimension of complication to the entire process.


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287 Bishan Street 24. “Castle Home”

Married for 8 years with 2 children, Echo and RL, have finally decided to get a house of their own in Singapore. So when they found one in Bishan, it’s not surprising that the couple are overwhelmed with happiness. Find out how they braved their challenges and their binding love drew them closer to finally having a place to call their home.

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