SERS & VERS – Complete Guide to “HDB En Bloc Sale” Schemes 2018

By Joanne Poh, via

There’s been a lot of talk lately about whether Housing Development Board (HDB) flat owners really own their flats, or whether they’re just tenants on a 99-year lease.

We can argue about this until the cows come home, but deep down, what Singaporeans really care about is whether there is money to be made out of that HDB flat.

For older flats, (right now, that generally means those with 50 years or less left), be prepared to see a huge drop in value once they start creeping towards the tail end of their leases. For instance, there will be no point to get a resale HDB flat if there are only 35 years left on the lease.

Once the resale value of a flat begins to fall, it’s time to start praying that it will be selected for the SERS, or that you and your neighbours can band together to get it redeveloped under the newly-announced VERS.

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For Sale – 44 Teban Gardens Road (HDB, 4-Room)

Imagine yourself living in this house. Now envision yourself in this grandeur. Sweeping, affordable, must-see.

The 44 Teban Gardens Road. Welcome to your new home.


For more information, please call: 8180 4135 or 8180 4136.

HDB introduces town design guides aimed at fostering residents’ ‘sense of belonging’

SINGAPORE: The Housing and Development Board (HDB) on Tuesday (Sep 4) announced it will progressively roll out over the next five years 24 “design guides” for each of its towns, beginning with Woodlands in the north.

Each guide will be a unique, comprehensive document broken down into three different levels – town, neighbourhood and precinct. It will provide a common reference point for different agencies, town councils and design consultants as they implement both new developments as well as rejuvenation projects for the town throughout its life cycle, said HDB in a press release.

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Price of 50-year-old HDB flat can appreciate over the next 10 years: Khaw Boon Wan

SINGAPORE – Those who buy a 50-year-old Housing Board (HDB) flat today can expect prices to continue to appreciate over the next 10 years, Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan said at a dialogue with young people on Sunday (Sept 2).

Mr Khaw debunked claims that HDB flats are not assets just because the lease is for a limited 99-year period. He was speaking to more than 200 young people from Sembawang GRC on topics such as housing, healthcare and cost of living, which were raised at the National Day Rally speech last month.

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National Day Rally 2018 – 4 New Housing & Healthcare Schemes Singaporeans Should Know

By Clara Lim, via

Is it just me or did this year’s National Day Rally feel like a rundown of recent movie blockbusters? “From the creators of SERS, HIP, Pioneer Generation and CHAS, we now have VERS, HIP II, Merdeka Generation and CHAS: The Sequel.”

Here’s a list of the government’s latest reboots, remakes and sequels that PM Lee Hsien Loong announced during the National Day Rally 2018:

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