GIC steps up investment in real estate

Singapore — The Singapore sovereign wealth fund is expected to invest more in real estate going forward as the returns are higher than other fixed income assets such as government bonds, experts say.





Singapore’s Property Market: Is 2018 The Right Time To Start Investing In Private Properties Again?

Investing in Singapore’s property market doesn’t necessarily mean you have to own a condominium unit. (via

By Timothy Ho, via

SINGAPORE — URA reported that the private residential property index for 3Q2017 have increased by 0.5 per cent. This is the first time an increase has been seen, after 15 straight quarters, or close to four years, of decline.

Having endured a lacklustre market for four years, there is finally good news for property experts and real estate developers to get excited about. But should you, as a retail investor, be looking to jump back in to the market now that sentiments are slowly starting to pick up?

Of course, this is the million-dollar question on everyone’s mind. Should we buy a private property now in the hopes that we can strike it rich when the market takes off, or do we risk missing out on the cycle?

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Hundreds of Singapore and Malaysia investors duped of millions by property company

According to an ABC report, Macro Realty Developments Pte Ltd is controlled by Australian Veronica Macpherson (picture) and received over A$110 million (S$119 million), mostly from Singaporean and Malaysian investors. (via

PETALING JAYA – Singaporean police are investigating a property company believed to be involved in a ponzi scheme that conned hundreds of Malaysians investors out of millions.

According to an ABC report, the company is controlled by Australian Veronica Macpherson and received over A$110 million (S$119 million), mostly from Singaporean and Malaysian investors.

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Property agency and agent fined over sale of NZ property


SINGAPORE — The Council for Estate Agencies’ (CEA) Disciplinary Committee has slapped a $10,000 fine on real estate agency SQFT Global Properties Singapore for failing to supervise the conduct of its then agent on the sale and marketing of a New Zealand property in 2011.

The agent, Ms Paleenia Wong Mui Wah, was fined $6,000 for misrepresentation towards an investor of a unit in Albany Heights Villas, Auckland, said the CEA in a media release issued yesterday.


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Singapore prime homes a good buy now: JLL


SINGAPORE : A new JLL report is extolling the virtues of buying a prime residential property in Singapore now, given how “affordable” they have become compared to other global cities in the last four years. This is in spite of the loan curbs and tax burdens in place.

The real estate consultancy estimates that the average luxury prime residential price of S$1,991 per square foot (psf) in the fourth quarter of 2015 is about 20 per cent off the peak in 2011.

This is the biggest correction across domestic asset classes in the last four years. Office, retail and industrial property prices have fallen 4-6 per cent; suburban residential prices are down 12 per cent.


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Resale prices of private homes dip 0.3% in February

Prices dropped 1.6 per cent on a year-on-year basis, according to flash estimates by SRX Property.

SINGAPORE — Prices of non-landed private homes sold on the resale market dipped 0.3 per cent in February compared with the previous month, amid a fall in the number of units sold, according to a local property index.

Resale prices remained constant in the Core Central Region, while the Rest of Central Region rose slightly to 0.1 per cent. The Outside Central Region dropped 0.8 per cent, according to flash estimates from SRX Property on Tuesday (Mar 8).

Overall, prices were down 1.6 per cent from a year ago.


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China’s slowdown might hit home — your home?


By Peter Pham,

If you live in certain parts of the world, China’s economic problems might soon be coming to your front doorstep – literally.

Often overlooked in China’s explosive economic growth is its effect on global residential real. As the Chinese economy slows, housing markets in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong will feel it, if they aren’t already. And if the government makes it harder for money to leave the country, these real estate markets will notice it even more.


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