Some real estate agents unhappy about PropertyGuru’s impending price hike

SINGAPORE — Local property search portal PropertyGuru’s decision to increase prices for property agents to list on its platform has sparked a backlash among some real estate agents.

A notice sent by PropertyGuru to its subscribers on Monday showed that the prices of its four new agent packages will range from S$880 to S$9,880 per year from Friday (Aug 4).
According to figures publicly available on its website, PropertyGuru has three packages that cost between S$630 and S$2,240 per year. A fourth package, which currently costs S$11,200 per year, is available on its official platform for agents, it said.

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Does selling real estate remain a good career choice in Singapore?


Guess how much one can easily have in just a year.

You may be young and ambitious and the real estate may be just the thing for you. You have good social skills and enjoy meeting people. The prospect of receiving high commission fees of more ore less $1 million a year without having to study three, five or seven years, is an optimal choice. But not all things seem favorable. Based on the latest annual report from the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA), around 140 real estate agencies have closed down over the 12 months to March 31, 2015, and over 3,000 property agents have quit their jobs amidst sluggish property market.

Singapore Business Review spoke with several experts to find out if being a realtor remain an appealing career.

Here’s what they had to say before you seriously consider getting into the industry during trying times:


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